Australian Fire Protection Resources is a registered established fire protection business.

The principal of this business is Carl Rickard; he is a highly experienced and motivated professional.

His 20+ years’ experience as a committee member working on Australian Fire Protection Standards and Building Regulations gives him a unique insight and authority in modern Fire Protection Engineering.

He was a featured presenter at the FPAA Australia wide seminar series for the release of the new A.S. 2118-1 sprinkler standard.

His experience has been sought as an expert witness in multiple legal cases relating to fire protection matters.

He has developed design training modules for the FPAA101 & 102 system design courses.

We have completed many projects utilising NFPA / FM Global / New Zealand codes and guidelines.

Practitioners Registrations:

Victoria – Registered Building Practitioner since 1997
Tasmania – Accredited Building Practitioner – since 2006

Fire Industry Committee Representations & Registrations

Fire Protection Association Australia:

  • TC/4 – Fire Sprinkler & Hydrant Systems Technical Committee
  • FPAA Victorian State Committee – Past

Standards Australia:

  • FP- 4 National Fire Sprinkler Committee [A.S. 2118-1]- Past
  • FP – 4 / 2 / 3 / 1 Melbourne sub committee [A.S.2118-1 section 11 Extra High Hazard-Past
  • FP – 9 Fire Hydrants [A.S. 2419] – Past

Australian Fire Safety Practitioners Board Accreditations:

  • Fire Safety – Automatic Sprinkler Systems / Designer
  • Fire Safety – Hydrants and Hose Reel Systems / Designer
  • Fire Safety – Detection and Alarm Systems / Draftsperson
  • Fire Safety – Fixed Suppression Systems / Draftsperson